Mzansi Taal

Author: Mzansi Taal. Date: 10 June 2018

R&T Blog

Awe, Heita, Ola, Howzit are some of the ways we welcome you to the Ringas & Taal Blog (R&T Blog). Here we will share, laugh, create and learn Interesting South African Lingo. Let’s get things started…

Mzansi,(n). A name commonly known to describe our beautiful, vibrant, colourful and very diverse country.

Taal,(n). Means language in Afrikaans

Put together it simply means “South African Lingo”.

Mzansi Taal opened its pages on the 15th of August 2017 and is progressively growing in hopes to encourage youth to make a dictionary popular again and with eleven official languages under our belt and lingo fast becoming one of the most widely spoken languages amongst the young and old in the motherland. The Founder had this to say on the future of Mansi Taal:

“When large groups of diverse people come together very interesting products are usually created while adapting to the culture shock. South African’s ongoing creative use of language has become one of the country’s key distinguishing factors alongside our destinations, weather, history and food.”

Staying true to the love of language and culture of South Africa, Mzansi Taal has created its own lingo dictionary that helps one and all to stay on top of the latest lingo trends and newest phrases. The website also allows visitors to sign-up, log-in and suggest words and phrases to the dictionary.


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