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It is a term used to say “guy”

“I’m chilling with the jitas”


Variation: Majita

Rare alternative spelling: Gita, magita

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  • Ntongana says:

    I think this was going to sound much more better with J- instead of G- and be Jita or amajita. I know terms like AGENDA, AGENT you write them with G but when coming to our African languages, Nguni for example that G- becomes J-. I still understand Gita but for me it will sound better with J.


    • Mzansi Taal says:

      Sho Ntongana

      Thanks for your feedback the team has looked at your comment and reviewed other instances that the term has been used. We feel that you make a fair point. A large majority of the users spell it with a J and a small number use a g.

      Number 1!

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